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A fortune might be sitting right in front of your face without you knowing it.  Find out via e-mail right now. 

Daniel Hersh has over 30 years Fine Arts & Antique appraisal experience.  His credentials include Art Historian, Lecturer, Art consultant to many well known auction galleries, collectors, and Art and Antique Dealers throughout the world.  Additionally, he is Past President of the Pennsylvania Antique Appraisers Association, and past member of their Board of Directors. 

Mr. Hersh has over 40 years of experience in American and European art and antiques and is also a Fine Arts Certified Appraiser.  He will e-mail you with an appraisal for only $40 an item.  THAT'S RIGHT!  Only $40 an item.

That means that if you have a painting worth 1 Million Dollars you will only get charged $40 for the appraisal.  Incredible!  An auction house will charge you 15-20% of its value.  For an appraisal or other appraisal service you would pay $75 to $100 per hour. 

So look in your basement, attic or garage.  Perhaps your mother, grandmother or aunt has left you with their favorite valuable.  Do not wait.  Get it appraised.  Find out what it's worth right now by e-mail for only $40. Written documents on official stationary will be $78-$90 dollars each depending on the time involved to research each piece. 


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We also provide expert appraisal services for the following:
  • Auctions
  • Estate Settlements
  • Insurance Purposes
  • Personal Valuations

Daniel Hersh
Certified Appraiser
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